For Personal Devices

In order to add personal devices to the VUSD Wireless Network, you will need to review the Personally-Owned Device Usage Terms and Conditions and complete the Personally-Owned Device Usage Agreement. This requires pre-approval from your site administrator or supervisor. Webpage to the doc:

Complete and attach the Personally-Owned Device Usage Agreement to the ticket. 

Get the MAC Address of the Device

If you need help getting the MAC address, please see the instructions below. 

Create Ticket including device MAC Address, and for personal devices, attach the completed Personal Device Usage Agreement

Laptop - Windows 10

1. On the bottom left of your screen, select the search icon to the left of the windows start button.

2. Type view your network properties, and select network properties.

3. There will be multiple connections listed, so make sure to provide the MAC address listed under the Wi-Fi heading. 

Apple macOS (Mac OS X) devices

Open the Apple Menu -> System Preference -> Network -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced -> The MAC address is the Wi-Fi Address or Airport Address.

1. Open the Apple Menu.

2. Open System Preferences.

3. Open Network.

4. Open Advanced

5. Select the Wi-Fi tab. The Wi-Fi Address or Airport Address is your device’s MAC address.


1. If you haven't yet, sign in to your Chromebook.

2. At the bottom right, select the time.

3. Select the Wi-Fi network .

4. At the top of the box, select Information .

5. You'll see your Chromebook's IP address and IPv6 address. Your MAC address is labeled "Wi-Fi."


Open Settings -> General -> About-> The MAC address is the Wi-Fi Address.

1. Tap Settings.

2. Select General 

3. Select About.

4. The Mac address is listed as Wi-Fi Address.

Note: Make sure the private address option is turned off. Tap the information button  next to a network.

Android Phone

Note: Due to the large variety of Android devices available and variance between software versions and interfaces, there may be slight differences between the instructions below and the procedure for your device. If these instructions do not work, search on Google for your specific model instructions. 

1. Open the Settings menu.

2. Find and select the Network & Internet

3. Select Wi-Fi

4. On the Wi-Fi settings menu, tap the name of the Wi-Fi device you are connected to. Alternatively, tap the gear icon.

5. Tap the Advance drop-down button.

6. You should see your device's MAC address (under the Network details section).